Nate Van Dyke Playing Cards


The Nate Van Dyke Playing Cards was an original product and packaging idea. For product design, we collaborated with N8 to create an original design. In accord with ToTT theme, we took an ordinary deck of playing cards and infused it with personality and attitude. N8’s design was perfect, creating that feeling of a Wild West poker games with six shooters sitting on the table.

For packaging we designed a convenient, durable, stackable and spill proof design. We wanted to make sure that a reusable product would last it’s customer many years of use and continue to look great, which goes hand in hand with a timeless Wild West theme desigIn addition to product and packaging design, ToTT also collaborated with N8 on a series of limited edition of uncut card print sheets that stand alone as an original art piece. The uncut card print sheets “freeze frame” a functional step of the production process, creating an abstract narrative about brand imaging and brand identity. Developing a strategic branch launch has many layers, steps, and components- an uncut print turns the camera back on ourselves in a manner nostalgic of French New Wave cinema.

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