Buff Monster Playing Cards

For this creative and colorful project, ToTT teamed up with Buff Monster to create an aesthetically enduring set of playing cards. Buff Monster is known for his pink palette and imaginative characters. The color pink is symbolic of confidence, individuality and happiness. Buff incorporates his unique loud pink in everything he creates. Buff is a tireless worker, citing heavy metal music, ice cream, Pop art, Japanese culture and graffiti as major influences. Pretty much all of these influences explode out of the graphic design Buff created for the custom Artist Series playing cards. Each card is printed on clear plastic and comes in a reusable waterproof case, ideal for party foul prevention.

In addition to product and packaging design, ToTT also collaborated with Buff on a series of limited edition of uncut card print sheets that stand alone as an original art piece. The uncut card print sheets “freeze frame” a functional step of the production process, creating an abstract narrative about brand imaging and brand identity. Developing a strategic branch launch has many layers, steps, and components- an uncut print turns the camera back on ourselves, nostalgic of French New Wave cinema.

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