Artist Series Turkey Bags


Common household item or social commentary? Tott took the Turkey Bag, a common product ubiquitous in the cannabis industry, and transformed it into a story, a memory that evokes emotion and provokes thought. In collaboration with contemporary artists, Tott created an original brand identity, graphic design, and packaging design that immediately gave the customer a unique relationship with the product. This narrative is brought to life in the Artist Series Turkey Bags. (What about the marketing skills performed? Distribution, sales marketing, audience targeting?)

I recently asked a random Tott Turkey Bag customer in a random grow supply store “Why buy that one- and not the other?” The customer enthusiastically responded, “Look at it. Would you rather go home with this plain one? That looks like it’s designed as cheaply as possible with nothing but profit in mind? Or this artsy one that looks like it was designed by someone I might kick it with. Or someone I know already. Ya know? -someone like me.” I didn’t respond- but gave an affirmative nod. As the customer sauntered off he elbowed his shopping companion and rumbled “angry buds and bigfoot- ha, love it.”

The customer was right: original product, packaging, and design were created by local Northern California artists. Original product and packaging concept were conceived by Tott founder and artist Justin Kerson.  He also created the original design for the 2-pack. The 2-pack evokes this notion of harvest and the sentiment associated with it, that August feeling of Reggae on the River, Richardson Grove and the Avenue of the Giants.

The 12-pack was designed by Sam Flores- and what can we say about Sam that Juxtapose magazine hasn’t already? naming him one of the top artists in the country. A Dirty Dozen was given a brand name that juxtaposed the image, subtly highlighting a key concept in Sam Flores urban expression style of art- taking the banal and mundane, often unvalued everyday landscape and transforming into a colorful landscape infused with beauty, mystery and wonder.

The 101-pack was designed by BigFoot One. BigFoot One’s art has been blown up all over the Bay Area. Who better to represent the iconic 101-pack? BigFoot in the Redwoods. Angry buds. Need we say more? Tott’s favorite design, the BigFoot 101-pack invites social commentary. Why do the buds appear angry, defensive, and possibly hostile? Why is BigFoot clutching his armful of buds? What is the story of the Emerald Triangle?

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